Our aim is to make your stay in the South of France as hassle free as possible. We offer the widest possible range of services, so you don’t have to think of anything other than settling in. You only need pay for exactly the goods and services you require and we’ll make all the arrangements for you.

  1. Cooks and Maids
    Let us know your requirements and we’ll arrange maids and cooks at your villa in advance according to your individual requirements. We can also arrange extra cleaning if required.
  2. Cots, High Chairs and Toys
    Tell us the ages of your children and we’ll deliver cots and high chairs as well as suitable toys your villa in time for your arrival. Just let us know your requirements as early as possible.
  3. First day staple supply and shopping service
    Send us your shopping list and we’ll arrange for your groceries and first day’s staple supplies to be delivered to your villa just before your arrival. We’ll only make a small delivery charge for your shopping.
  4. Flowers
    If you’d like a flower arrangement delivered to your villa, tell us your style and colour preferences, so we can arrange perfect presentations.
  5. Golf
    Use our experts to arrange your tee-times and golf lessons and recommend the most interesting courses.
  6. Restaurants
    You are in the heartland of gourmet dining. Provencal cuisine is known throughout the World, simply because the French, especially in the southern areas, take immense pride in cooking only the freshest, richest flavours. Take advantage of our local knowledge. We are happy to make your reservations to local restaurants for romantic, business and family dining. Just let us know your budget and taste requirements.
  7. Spa and Health
    We can help you arrange massage at the house or visits to nearby spas and beauty and hair salons.
  8. Taxis
    To help you avoid queues on arrival at the airport, we can book your taxi in advance and the driver will meet you in the check-out hall of the airport. We will always try to book an English speaking driver.
  9. Wine tastings
    The local vineyards are the perfect setting to taste the finest wines and buying directly from the château means you avoid the big wineries, and indulge a wine with heart. We can help you arrange day trips and suggest wineries.